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Text Grabber

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Client Overview

Armia Systems is team of developers and professionals of innovative mobile and web apps. Armia Systems support thousands of customers worldwide. Our sole focus is to provide business management software and services to small and medium-sized businesses. (SMBs). Text Grabber is image detection tool with image recognition and image learning mechanism with assistance of OCR technology.  Text Grabber detect text and words from labels, documents, and photos.

Project Description

Introducing Text Grabber, an easy-to-use user-friendly online tool to extract text from images. This Image to Text tool is devised based on AI-based technology and OCR technology. You can use this online Image to Text converter tool to easily edit images and text on your system in just a matter of a few seconds. All you have to do is to upload your image to be extracted and click the "Grab Text" button and voila, there you have your text!
Visualization of concepts is the latest and most trending marketing technique being used in the online industry. This makes a requirement where at times it is difficult to copy or extract information from a website as it is in an image or simply text in an image.

This tool uses the latest technologies of image recognition, machine learning, AI and OCR to create the easiest Image to Text tool online. Text Grabber can extract textual elements from images of all types and formats in just a single click. It is created to detect and extract text content from all forms of images may it be a document, a logo, a banner image, poster picture or even photographs.

This Image to Text converter tool converts the image into codes of letters and words that the AI and machine learning technology aspects of the tool then recognize as the dictionary words and alphabets.Extract text from images using the browser tool. Based on AI based image recognition and OCR technology, Text Grabber convert image to a text file.

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Website Features

Extract words from images, image recognition, machine learning, OCR technology, detect text and words from labels, documents, and photos, Angular 6, Node JS, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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