Client Overview

The IBF Network is a platform that allows users to explore social networking and e- commercing simultaneously within a single console. The platform targets users of MLM(Multi Level Marketing) businesses to communicate with each other and their downline contacts.

The application has been developed with the combination of iScripts SocialWare and MultiCart which allow users to post products and sell them to their network. Basically, the platform is for an individual to organize family and friends in a positive networking environment. The tagline itself says like "InvestingBack Through Family and Friends"

The client is a passionate music and video recording artist located in Atlanta, GA.

Project Description

The combination of iScripts SocialWare and MultiCart helps users to sign in on both platforms simultaneously.

The platform offers an option to view member profiles publicly without registering or logging in. This feature delivers the flexibility to search and find users publicly by anyone who can access the URL of another user profile page.

While registering, users must enter a partner code for the successful signup. This will allow them to identify who their upstream user is. New users can use this partner code while they sign up and there will be up to five levels of structure that can be viewed from the parent user profile.

Partner code is mandatory to onboarding new users and that allows them to connect automatically with their friends who own that code. This will allow them to do activities with their closed network to stay connected through the platform.

Users have the ability to add multiple walls to their accounts. The new walls allow users to update and name each other independently. All new walls and updates will appear on all friends' pages, as is the current social media expectation.

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Website Features

Social Networking, E-commerce, Multi Level Marketing, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud.

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