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Trash App

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Client Overview

Trash App is a mobile application that encourages users to participate in environmental protection activities like trash and litter clean-ups. With features like news, community, and submission, Trash App makes it easy for users to stay informed and engaged with environmental issues while taking action to make a difference.

Trash App is designed to appeal to all kinds of users, but it is specially targeted towards teenagers and young adults. This age group is often passionate about environmental issues, and Trash App is designed to help them get involved.

Trash App is available for both iOS and Android devices. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their preferred device. The app initially targets the United States market, but the client plans to expand to other countries in the future. As the importance of environmental protection grows, Trash App aims to be a global platform for environment-conscious users.

Project Description

One of the key features of Trash App is its news section, which keeps users up-to-date on environmental news and updates. This includes stories of people doing good acts for the environment, as well as wins for the environment in politics and other areas.

In addition to its news feature, Trash App also includes a community section where users can share their pictures and stories about environmental protection. This is a great way for users to stay connected with others who are passionate about the environment and can help to build a sense of community and support.

Another critical feature of Trash App is its submission section, which allows users to locate the nearest recycling center and submit pictures of receipts for approval. This is a great way for users to take tangible action to protect the environment, and can help to make a real difference in their community.

Trash App also includes a profile section where users can see their achievements, as well as their tax forms, bank info, and money withdrawal tab. Users can also add a profile picture and posts to their profile, helping to personalize their experience on the app. In addition to its core features like news, community, and submission, Trash App also includes a home section where users can see sponsorships, ads for environment-related products, and even a store. Trash App offers sponsorships from companies looking to show their support for the environment. By partnering with these companies, Trash App aims to build a strong community of users who are passionate about environmental protection and make a real difference in the world.

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Social Networking, online chat, social media, image sharing, media, eco-friendly, environment protection, Messaging, file transfer, React, Native Android, Google Firestore, AWS EC2, Chat SDK for real-time chat.

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