Client Overview

iScripts VisualCaster is an on-demand video streaming solution that lets users create their own streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, or Hulu easily. It is available on both mobile and web platforms and comes with an intuitive user and administrative interface. Due to the increased demand for online streaming in the past few years, more and more businesses are looking to monetize video content. Today, even small companies want sections of their websites dedicated to videos. iScripts VisualCaster is designed to be an all-in-one platform for businesses or entrepreneurs to do just that. The video platform can be free, paid, or freemium and adopt multiple monetization models. It works almost the same way as any major streaming service but doesn’t require a large dedicated workforce to manage it. The administrator will have complete control from the backend; everything is packaged under a content management system.

Project Description

iScripts VisualCaster is a turnkey software that brings all the features of a world-class streaming platform like Netflix into a user-friendly package for non-technical entrepreneurs. It helps users create a video streaming platform in minutes. Once the software is installed in the server, administrators can start customizing the platform according to their brand requirements from the backend. They can add, manage, and stream unlimited films, documentaries, series, and other videos and structure them into unique categories. The viewers get a familiar frontend from which they can stream or download videos according to their comfort. They can create accounts and save videos for future watching. With iScripts VisualCaster, platform owners can have a flexible business model to incorporate features of multiple popular streaming platforms. They can even accept user-generated videos like Youtube. As the administrator, they can fully customize the platform and follow any monetization model.

Website Features

Streaming, Video, Entertainment, Movies, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud.

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