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Wine Auction Prices - A Database of Wine Auction and its Prices

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Client Overview

Wine Auction Prices offers the pricing information of the collectible and investment-grade wines with the updated auction house results. The goal is to provide a detailed handbook of knowledge to wine lovers across the world.

Wine Auction Prices serve as the authority of directory and showcase the information of a variety of collectible wines. The Wine Auction team maintains the database of popular wines and commercially sells the accessories and products related to wines.

Project Description

Wine auction prices are database consisting of the wines and all related information of wines. The website will list out all the auction prices of the wines. A valid subscriber can check the wine data including wine family, wine type and all the related information related to twine. The main search process of the website allows the customer to check the wine data based on the vintages, details of the origin, description notes on each family of wines. Customers can also set up a comparative search to compare the wines from different families. The comparative asset classes will provide the comparative price analysis for all the wines so as to get the customer demand of wines based on the up to date pricing information.

The main goals of this project are:
-To set up a detailed data of the wine auction prices from various sources
-Provide a database with accurate auction data so as to analyze the pricing trends and the demand for wines from various regions across the world
-Actively market the project to reach the maximum target audience

Wines are auctioned at different regions with respect to various auction companies. The challenging part is to get a centralized platform listing all these auction prices with respect to the real-time auction process. Wine auction prices website is a centralized platform listing out all the auctions from the multiple auction houses from different regions. The demand for the wines is based upon the vintage taste, wine family and the listing auction price with respect to these aspects. A customer who logs in to the wine auction prices needs all this information and can get a meticulous data of wines.

The major challenges that faced by wine auction prices are:
-Accuracy of auction results
-Optimizing the main search process considering the large quantity of data

And the solutions we have put to overcome the challenges are:
-Maintained the large database of wines and effective optimization of the bulk data
-Managed the effective marketing campaign of the project with various marketing activities

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Website Features

Price Analytic Chart, Data Analytics, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Apache, Linux

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