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Client Overview

The WineFinder App is the ultimate wine label scanner app for wine lovers. This app allows users to quickly find the appropriate wine from the right store at the right price. They need to scan the label of any wine bottle, and the app will show the wine's name and details, price, and nearest store where they can buy it. The app has a rich database of wines, so users will always be able to find the perfect bottle of wine for their taste. The WineFinder App is available in both Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

Project Description

WineFinder is designed with the best label-recognition algorithm in the market and is intended to provide users with accurate wine details. Users of the app can scan a wine and know details of it with almost 100% accuracy– including country of origin and date of make. If in the case some elements are not correct, it allows users to make peer-correction. They can also add wines that are not available in the database. Once users find a wine, they can see its average prices and find a shopping option to buy from the nearest available retail outlet. The app's design is simple and intended to provide users with a simple and clutter-free experience. The app's primary focus is its scanner, and once users scan a wine, all details come up on a single page intuitively. The app is entirely free to use.

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Mobile App Features

Wine App, Wine Finder, Food and Beverage Shopping App, Shop by Wine Type, User profiles, API Control and Product Database, React Native iOS-Android, Apple iOS, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, AWS Cloud

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