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Client Overview

WITS provides a new and innovative way for companies to handle workplace-related injuries. It is the brainchild of an expert team of insurers who understood that traditional insurance companies often put employers and employees at a disadvantage when dealing with workplace injuries. Not only do they charge high premiums, but healthcare quality is often slow and of lesser quality. WITS addresses both these challenges intuitively by providing an on-site injury response unit. Employers benefit from lesser claims and insurance costs and faster recovery of their injured workforce. Employees get timely treatment and don't have to go through long lines and appointments in clinics.

Project Description

The WITS platform connects authorized users or supervisors of a company to the nearest Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). It is available as both android and iOS mobile apps, a web application, and an administrator panel. Individual dashboards are created for organizations (supervisors/users) and EMTs who wish to provide their service through the app. Organizational users can request EMTs in emergencies, and WITs will assign the nearest one as quickly as possible. EMTs can accept organizational requests through their section of the apps. Both the organizational user as well as EMT will be able to see each other's location inside the application. The platform also provides advanced reporting- everything from request history to transactions. WITS provides immediate treatment for a range of workplace-related injuries, including Abrasions/Scrape, burns, cuts, fractures, heat exhaustion, and bleeding. As the nearest EMT is assigned, response time is accelerated, and employees get first aid quickly. The technicians come with all the necessary equipment to treat the injury, so the quality is also high. Every process is documented efficiently, and prices are kept transparent.

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Healthcare, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Workplace Injury App, Medical App, Insurance App, Transportation and Logistics, ReactNative, iOS, Android, MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, NodeJS, Apache, Linux

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