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Client Overview

Zinari takes customers’ business global by accepting payments in crypto on websites, e-commerce solutions, or in-store. Their payment gateway offers no limits and no chargebacks and is decentralized and non-custodial, ensuring customer data privacy and censorship resistance. Unlike other payment gateways, Zinari never asks for customers' personal information or collects or stores confidential data, and their contracts are transparent. Payments are transferred directly from the customer's wallet to the retailer's wallet, allowing for quick and easy P2P crypto transfers. Implementation is straightforward, with express setup and easy API and documentation for customization.

Project Description

Armia Systems has made getting started with Zinari quick and easy. To set up an account and send money, register online or in the app with an email address and verify the account using a government ID. Once the account is set up, customers can top-up their wallets using their credit or debit cards and begin transferring money to people worldwide using fiat or cryptocurrency. Zinari's products are designed to power crypto payments for online and in-person retailers, e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and more. The universal API and libraries Armia Systems developed make it easy to integrate blockchain technology into their existing systems.

Zinari offers fast and reliable payment processing using multiple blockchain technologies. The Universal Payment API makes it easy for developers to integrate different blockchains into their systems, reducing learning curves and streamlining the development process. Zinari uses Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3) to ensure secure and encrypted transactions and does not require KYC for users to access our services. With Zinari, customers can receive payments instantly to their wallets without any settlement wait times or delays. The gateway is peer-to-peer, so every transaction is processed directly, and only one email is required to access all of the products.

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Crypto, blockchain, Peer-to-Peer, blockchain P2P, P2P, money transfer, payments, Finance, ReactNative, iOS, Android, PHP(LAMP), Mysql, Apache, Linux

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