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ICARUS Framework

ICARUS framework is an open-source framework for LAMP stack which offers effective ways of developing enterprise-level web applications. The major advantages of the ICARUS framework are its flexibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness. Using ICARUS the construction and development of high-performance websites are possible. This is a free MVC framework for developing SaaS solutions that require APIs for mobile or social companion apps.

The framework creates the APIs required using a typical CRUD process. A Lamp Stack consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl. It requires basic software/technologies for developing a fully functional internet-based application. This framework provides many features like PageContext, PostAction, Debugger, Logger, Db layer, URL router, etc. It provides options to implement multiple languages and has bootstrap, fusion charts, fckeditors, PHP mailers, etc embedded in it.

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Magpie Framework

MAGPIE framework is an open-source framework for MEAN stack which offers effective ways for building dynamic websites and web applications. It is very simple and easy to use for both back-end and front-end. MAGPIE enables a developer to develop advanced scalable web and mobile applications faster. MAGPIE comes with ready-made CMS with roles & privileges and dynamic dashboard configuration system.

The most important benefit of MEAN stack is it lets the developer write the entire code in JavaScript, from client to server. The major advantages of the MAGPIE framework are it is easy to use, flexible to understand and helps developers to customize. Its enhanced scalability and handling capacity are favored for developing cloud-native applications.

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Armia ChatSDK

Creating a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Signal can be easily done through Chat SDK.User can easily add chat functionality in their mobile as well as in desktop. The react native Armia chat sdk library includes components you need to build a functioning chat user experience in React with support for one-to-one and group chat. User can send audio and video messages, exchange photos and files. It uses Firebase as the backend service. You can download the FREE SDK to save months of development time from your project using the Chat SDK.

Integrating the react-native Armia chat-SDK library into your app is a simple process. To smoothen your development, we’ve attempted to create very clear, concise documentation of react-native Armia chat-SDK.

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