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Globalization, deflation, diversification of sales channels and, most of all, changing customer demands have merged to create a business environment where retailers struggle to make a profit. In this hyper-competitive marketplace, only the most efficient organizations survive.

Armia Systems helps retailers design robust retail applications which can support the ever-changing business environment and give a leg up on competition using advanced technology and programming solutions, including social commerce. We can help retailers develop any of the following solutions:

*         Peer-to-peer distributed social commerce platform that allows sellers, business owners, merchants and vendors to create standalone e-commerce stores or link existing online stores to Facebook

*        Platform allowing brands to reach friends of fans effectively by fueling user-generated content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (several large clients have taken advantage of this platform to increase engagement and reach)

*       Simple tool for small and medium-sized businesses to create a direct channel to their best customers and improve the reach of a brand using their product/service as a currency

*      Social marketplace offering consumers the ability to access the lowest product prices possible by combining the best aspects of social incentives and bulk purchasing

*      Web-based tools to keep track of stock

*      E-commerce applications supporting a range of business models for distributors, drop shipping manufacturers, barter systems and more

*     Customer intelligence programs to help identify, acquire, activate, serve and retain the most profitable customers

*      Merchandise intelligence to assist in driving revenue, protecting margins and earning customer loyalty. With optimized merchandise plans, assortments, pricing, promotions, space plans, and allocations all driven by unparalleled demand forecasting and predictive analytics

*      Operations intelligence to leverage organizational assets and trade with vendors while serving customers more efficiently

Equipped with years of experience, we can help your business create the most efficient and profitable solution. Whether your needs fall within streamlining processes or expanding the social commerce aspect of your business, our team can develop the perfect solution for you. Review our portfolio and contact our team to discuss possible solutions. Review past projects

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