Software Development Services customized for tech Startups.
We partner with promising entrepreneurs and growing startups to transform ideas to real businesses.The team at Armia Systems can help you create a minimum viable product for faster and cheaper than any other accelerator or technical team.

In exchange for small equity, the development team at Armia Systems will focus on the technical aspects and act as the CTO/tech cofounder.We will create your platform or application while providing hands-on assistance with all technicalities from initial design and development, to launch and beyond.

Our portfolio includes budding entrepreneurs and startups within all industries and sectors such as education, automotive, healthcare and more.We have developed solutions for increasing social selling, marketing efforts, streamlining sales and management, marketplace and ecommerce expansion and many more.
We are especially interested in supporting promising entrepreneurs and growing startups within the Chicagoland area.

If you are interested in partnering up, contact Armia Systems business headquarters and ask for our founder, Aji Abraham.

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