Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Whether you're starting a new web application website, or looking to add functionality to your existing web app, our goal is to provide the best professional web app web design solutions at an affordable price. With features such as scalable platform, API for mobile and social apps, and e-commerce functionality, integration with third-party APIs, optional mobile apps, admin control panel to manage different options and reporting make transactions easy for both website owners and customers.

We have even developed a number of business software products which are used by a number of developers. Different online business applications we developed are available at our products website, www.iScripts.com, and www.AppReseller.com. These products include: multi-vendor shopping carts, drop ship shopping carts, distributed e-commerce platforms, barter website software, peer to peer marketplaces, web to print platforms, SaaS applications and billing applications. We can customize these solutions for you or create something from scratch based on your requirements.

One of the most important aspects of web design is making sure that you get exactly what you need to dominate the global market. Armia Systems is a leading Chicago web design company on the market for a reason, with a proven track record in custom web design that sets us apart from the competition.

We understand that in order to make your Internet presence noticeable, you need a dynamic customizable web design as the foundation... This is one of the most crucial elements to web design, and Armia Systems can provide you with some of the most innovative applications out there.

Whether you need a simple small-form handling routine and content management system for your small business or a complete enterprise-level application for your professional corporate website, our web development team is the best at what they do and can provide you with a unique web design that will provide you with the ultimate business solution.

Here at Armia Systems, our goal is to take your idea and meld it with our own custom web design process. Today, there is no such thing as a local market. The entire world is now local, and with global access there comes global opportunities - our team is ready and waiting to develop your website so that you can conduct business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our custom web design packages are based on your needs to keep your business at the top of the global market.

Our team is ready to handle any web developmental projects. Whether you are building an online business, e-commerce website, a corporate website, or just a new web app, we can help. Our web developers and programmers are capable of working with a variety of complex programs and applications ranging across a wide variety of programming platforms and languages. They are ready to integrate advanced database technologies with efficient interfaces that provide your visitors with an unmatched, unique experience in interactivity, usability, and customization.

Here is just a sample of the web applications that our team of web developers and programmers are qualified to work with on your particular web application project:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Software as a Service Platforms
  • Membership Services
  • Professional Corporate Websites
  • Booking Engines
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Food Ordering applications
  • IoT solutions
  • AI and NLP Solutions
  • Blockchain Security applications
  • Custom CRM applications with integrated voice capability
  • Web-based Database Management Tools
  • Inventory Management Applications
  • Online Registrations for Subscription-Based Services
  • Intranets/Extranets

You can view live websites created for our clients in our portfolio page.

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