The importance of API and CMS is increasing day by day. They are not only important for websites but also play a significant role in mobile app development.

The developers have created a flexible, extensible and usable system that conveys readers and helps content managers to get their job done. The main part of this work is displaying the content that is managed through CMS on different platforms.

The content management system helps the end-user to create, edit, publish and update the web and mobile app contents without depending on a development team. An API is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications.

If you are making an app using ICARUS framework the basic functionalities used are:


URL: /cms/cms/apilogin

Login is for an admin, customer, administrator or anyone who uses the app.

Posting form data

URL: /cms/cms/formangularData

Posting data will depend on the type of project. For example, If your app is an online food ordering platform, here you can add the details of different restaurants, their menu, special food, and any offers. The details of restaurants can be posted by admins only. So this is the API for posting form data.


In the Params section, sectionName, keyname will change according to the section for which the form is to be submitted. For eg for Banners, sectionName: banners and keyname=banner_id.

Posting form data with files

URL: /cms/cms/formangularData

If you need to add any images, gifs, or videos of restaurants (or any business) then you can use this API.


The Param file is for uploaded files/images.

Remove or delete data or entry

URL: /cms/cms/formangularData

To remove the data details. Admins have access to remove the entries.

View data or entry

URL: /cms/cms/formangularData

API: api/getData

To view the data. Customers only have access to view the data.


URL: /cms/cms/apilogout

To log out from the application.