Employee Benefits
At Armia, we value our talented team and our compensation package reflects this. Our benefits are designed to be flexible in nature and far-reaching in scope.

Our India employee benefits package is comprehensive and competitive. It includes

Health Insurance

Armia lays great emphasis on maintenance and improvement of the work environment and the overall well being of its employees. Apart from sick leaves, the benefit package at Armia includes a group Mediclaim policy.

Time off and Vacation

Armia believes in giving its employees the power to take care of actvities beyond their professional life, from the date of joining a member of the armia family is eligible for a total of 34 paid leaves per year. In addition to this employees are entitled to paid leaves in the event of examinations/marraige/maternity/paternity/demise in family. Our flexibility also includes unpaid time off, at the descretion of the management.

Training Incentive

All employees at Armia are encouraged to improve their performance and skills through training. Apart from promoting on-the-job learning, the company sponsors for job-related external training based on the employees' performance, previous experience, and education.

Regular Performance Reviews and Fast Growth

At Armia, pay hikes for all employees are based on performance reviews conducted periodically. These performance reviews also accelerate growth in shorter time spans.

Employee Reference and Benefits

All employees receive a monetary incentive for referring others to work at Armia. Associates provide resumes to our recruiters and are eligible to receive a bonus once the referred employee completes three months of service.

Provident Fund

Armia matches the employee's contribution to the fund up to 12% of base salary.

ESI (Employee State Insurance)

Armia provides ESI coverage to employees.

Reward Schemes

There are Spot awards, Special Contribution award and Outstanding award to recognize and appreciate various levels of performances and excellence.

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Filing Assistance

Salary is credited after deducting taxes. Filing assistance are also provided to some extend

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