Management Team


Aji Abraham is an entrepreneur who has developed iScripts, SupportPro and Armia Systems, Inc. His entrepreneurial leadership and innovative ideas have brought both companies to financial success. Armia Systems, Inc and SupportPRO now have great foundations in hosting and web technologies and have very impressive track records among the internet technology companies in Chicagoland. He has quite an impressive track record among the internet technology companies in the Chicagoland area. Under Mr. Abraham's leadership, the companies have grown efficiently with high energy onshore and off shore teams.
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Jon Skulemowski guides customers through the initial phases of starting an online business. By clarifying website needs, customers discover new opportunities focused on business models and maximizing revenue. Equipped with a diverse background in sales and online ventures, Jon has the skills necessary to assist startups and entrepreneurs pair business goals with technical needs.
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George Stanislavos is the New Business Development Manager who helps startups and enterprise clients to create new web and mobile platforms. George has years of experience in identifying the best technology solution to meet business opportunities and challenges. He also works with our partners to help their clients succeed.
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Milan Mathew is the Business Development Manager responsible for developing programs, software and websites in conjunction with directing talent and resources to advance the strategic business goals of Armia Systems. Milan has years of experience in the information technology industry, paired with the ability to manage, support, and supervise the business development department which is responsible for the acquisition of new projects and project bids.


Mahesh Surendran is an extremely talented professional Technical Lead at Armia Systems. He possesses the extensive knowledge and technical proficiency needed to develop and implement projects for the company as well as clients. With his extensive knowledge of advanced technical tools, applications and management, Armia can offer the best service and products to all clients while striving to be an industry leader.

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